New Version of KTouch Merged

Today I've finally merged my next branch into the master branch. Lately the differences between the two branches became increasingly huge:

$ git log origin/master..origin/next --oneline --no-merges | wc -l
$ git --no-pager diff origin/master..origin/next --shortstat -- src/
 252 files changed, 23468 insertions(+), 14282 deletions(-)

Merging all that into the master branch took a huge pressure from me. After spending all that time I spend on working on KTouch it's really important to me get the fruits of my work out to the end-users. Getting my stuff in the the branch KDE SC 4.10 will be released from is first the important step towards that goal.

My next step is clearing out the Bugzilla entries against KTouch. The vast majority of the bug reports can be closed since they don't apply anymore, and also a fair share of the reported wishes are met by the new version.

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