LinuxTag 2014

Last week I was attending the LinuxTag 2014 in Berlin. The plan was to give three workshops--each day one--introducing potential contributors into the wonders of KDE development and otherwise enjoy the event. But Jos had other plans for me: he convinced me to man the KDE booth in our shared OpenSUSE/Owncloud/KDE area, so that's what I did, at least for most of the time. This rewarded me with lots of feedback from our user base and I was able to help quite some users with their favorite KDE issue. Also I met a few of my fellow KDE contributors and had a chat with them. All in all it was a fun experience.

The workshops themselves were pretty successful. I had not that much guests, but the few who showed up had all a genuine interest in the topic. In case your interested: The slides for the workshop are here, the sources of mentioned demo application--yet another clone of the ubiquitous 2048 game--may be obtained from a scratch repository of mine.

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